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Posted: April 25, 2018 in NetApp

I’m checking my servers and storage and I notice an amber led on one of my NetApp storages, a defective HDD. I replace the disk I get the green light again from the Storage; All is Good. a couple of minutes later I received and E-mail from my NetApp Storage: : HA Group Notification from NetApp04 (DISK BAD LABEL) ERROR.

1. So I used Putty to login to the storage and I executed command: vol status -r


and under Broken Disk I found the disk (which is the one I recently added).

2. Executed command: priv set advanced


3. Executed command: disk unfail -s 0C.00.10 (which is unfail disk with the bad label and 0C.00.10 is the device name)


4. Now that the disk is unfailed execute command: vol status -s


5. After executing vol status -s at the end of the output it indicated disk has not being zeroed. Execute command: disk zero spares


6. Now you can execute command: vol status -s to check how the zeroing process.


afterward you can exit. And you are Done! I found this information on the NetApp Community web page. Enjoy




Assign unowned disk in NetApp

Posted: September 26, 2016 in NetApp

A couple of days ago I receive and E-mail from one of our NET APP storage with the following header: HA Group Notification from NetApp04 (FILESYSTEM DISK FAILED) WARNING. Next Day I checked the storage and I found failed disk with a flashing amber led. To my benefit I had purchased 4 spare disks a couple of months back and replaced the failed disk.  

  1. I opened in the NetApp OnCommand System Manager 3.0
  2. Logged in to the storage
  3. Found an unassigned disk



  4. If you try to assign it the options are grayed out.
  5. Login to Storage using SSH (putty or another app)
  6. On the Shell enter command “disk show -n”12
  7. Next on the Shell insert command “disk assign %disk name%” (in this case disk name is 0C.008)3
  8. After disk has been reassigned you will begin to see that reconstruction has begun.4
  9. On the NetApp OnCommand System Manager 3.0 you will see that the disk has been assigned and data is showing up.5

System is now running smoothly, enjoy the post.