GPT Protective Partition

Posted: March 1, 2017 in Systems Administration

I’ve recently found myself dealing with GPT protected partitions on HP Proliant Servers on which I’ve created Arrays using “Intelligent Provisioning App” to manage Storage. As with any Array configuration:

  1. Add the discs to the enclosure
  2. Create and array
  3. select the discs in the array
  4. Commit changes

and you are done, but recently after running that same procedure when I boot to Windows or VMware I am unable to use the provisioned array. On Windows when I go to the “Disk Manager” it appears as “GPT Protective Partition”



I tried a couple of things on the GUI but nothing seemed to work, either because the control were grayed or would get errors. I decide to try it “Old school” and use “Diskpart”


  1. Open “Command Prompt” as Administrator
  2. Enter command “Diskpart”
  3. Then command “List Disk”gpt-list-disk
  4. Then command “Select Disk” and the disk number, in this case I will select disk 2gpt-select-disk
  5. Now command “Clean” this command will wipe the partition on the disk.gpt-clean

The disk has been cleared of any “Protectiveness” and is ready to be configured. I executed command “List Disk” to show that the disc is free.gpt-unknown-disc



Now you can configure the disc to you hearts content. I hope this information was useful. Enjoy!


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