Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Core – Disable | Enable Network Connection

Posted: January 17, 2017 in Systems Administration

A couple of days ago I received a call from a Colleague that was working on a VM with Windows Core 2008 R2 Domain Controller that had an issue and they needed to disable the network connection.

*To perform this task you must be logged into the console, no RDP.

  1. First Login to your server (must be able to elevate CMD or Power Shell with Admin Privileges)
  2. Execute command: “netsh interface ipv4 show interface” this will show you a list of all available ipv4 network adapters and their names.netsh-show-interface
  3. Here is the tricky part you need to know which interface you will disable. In this exercise I will disabled the Wi-Fi network adapter.  netsh-show-interface-show
  4. Now that we’ve picked our network adapter we will execute command to disabled it: “netsh interface set interface Wi-Fi disable”. netsh-disable-interface
  5. Now we will confirm that the adapter was disabled, by executing command: “netsh interface ipv4 show interface” .  As you can see on the image below the Wi-Fi adapter is no longer available, because it was disabled.netsh-show-interface-disabled-not-show
  6. Now we will enable it by executing the command: “netsh interface  set interface Wi-Fi enabled”. netsh-enable-interface
  7. Now we execute command: “netsh interface ipv4 show interface” and we can now see the Wi-Fi adapter is visible and enabled.netsh-show-interface-show

This command works on servers and workstations it’s not limited to Windows Core. Have a nice day and Enjoy.


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