DPM Sync (System Center Data Protection Manager)

Posted: September 26, 2016 in Data Protection Manager

A couple of days ago I receive a call from a colleague:

He has System Center Data Protection Manager and a couple of days before he starts receiving notifications that there are “No Recovery Point Available” for Tape backups. He’s already checked the console and all Protection Groups have the Green Check mark.

I ask if he’s checked the latest recovery point on each item of the Protection Groups. He checks and replies back that they show the latest recovery point a month ago. I ask him if any of the storage disks have recently disconnected from DPM. He replies that indeed they did.

  1. Open System Center Data Protection Manager Power Shell.
  2. Insert command “dpmsync -sync”dpm-sync

After you execute the command DPM will sync with the information recorded on SQL Server database and compare.dpmsync2

*VERY IMPORTANT; after the sync is complete you will need to create new Recovery Points. After they have completed you should be able to run tape backups successfully.

Enjoy he Post.



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