Check an Exchange Mailbox for corruption

Posted: October 9, 2015 in Microsoft Exchange

How to Check and Exchange Mailbox for corruption

About a year ago I was migrating exchange 2003 mailboxes to Exchange 2010, after all is working a received a complaint from a user that emails, calendar were not available. I began troubleshooting and after checking the EMC (Exchange Management Console) that particular mailbox had a lot of corrupted items that did not migrate. I proceeded to check mailbox corruption:

  1. Open Exchange Management shell Exch-Management-Shell
  2. Run command:
    1. New-MailboxRepairRequest -mailbox <mailbox alias> -CorruptionType AggregateCounts -DetectOnly
    2. New-MailboxRepairRequest -mailbox <mailbox alias> -CorruptionType FolderView –DetectOnly
    3. New-MailboxRepairRequest -mailbox <mailbox alias>  -CorruptionType SearchFolder –DetectOnly
    4. New-MailboxRepairRequest -mailbox <mailbox alias>  -CorruptionType ProvisionedFolder –DetectOnly

To actually repair them run the commands without the -DetectOnly.



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