Exchange 2010: Unable to connect Outlook 2010 for MAC to Exchange Server 2010 [Publishing Exchange with TMG 2010]

Posted: December 3, 2014 in Microsoft Exchange

Recently I had the mission of connecting Outlook 2010 for MAC  to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, for Administrators who connect their CAS to an appliance firewall you will have no issues whatsoever, for those like me who still use Microsoft Threat Management Gateway [TMG] 2010, you will run into a few issues, but the task I simpler than you think.

1. Go to your TMG 2010 server and Open Forefront TMG Console

2. Make a Copy of rule you created to publish Outlook Web App and Save it with another name [EWS & Autodiscovery for Mac]

3. Open the new rule and go directly to the Paths tab:

Delete all paths except: /ews/* and /autodiscovery/

4. Then go to the Authentication Delegation tab:

Select “No, delegation, but client may authenticate directly”

5. Click Apply and OK on the new rule Properties page

6. Click Apply for the modifications on the TMG Console

7. move the new rule “EWS & Autodiscovery for Mac” above your original rules where you published Exchange 2010.

8. Click Apply for the modifications on the TMG Console

I a couple on minutes you will have you Microsoft Outlook for Mac users connecting without issues to your Microsoft Exchange Sever.


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